Engage the World.
Enrich Your Soul.

CCCU GlobalEd is a collection of faith-integrated, off-campus study programs that foster intellectual, cultural, vocational, and spiritual growth. Our programs will transform the way you experience the world and equip you to live out your Christian faith in today’s global society.

More than 13,000 students have benefited from our academically rigorous, Christ-centered experiential education programs for the past 40 years. Find the program that best fits your interest or area of study today!

These programs are offered by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), a higher education association of more than 185 Christian institutions around the world. To learn more, visit cccu.org.

Program Distinctives

Faith Integration

For over 40 years, CCCU GlobalEd programs have integrated Christian faith into the curriculum and overall experience. Our programs provide you with the opportunity to deepen your faith through Christian community and grow in your awareness of the theological and cultural diversity of the global church. You’ll be supported by Christian staff and faculty who care about you and want to support you in all aspects of life while you’re studying off-campus.

Rigorous Academics

Academics is at the core of what we do, so we’re looking for students who want to be challenged. You’ll be taught by highly esteemed faculty and return to your home institution with a full semester or summer’s worth of credits. Our one-of-a-kind courses are specifically designed to maximize your experience wherever you go. No matter where you study, you will be challenged to think and engage with the world in new ways, and you’ll return home equipped and confident in your ability to impact the world.

Cultural Immersion

Whether by living with a homestay family, interning for a senator, or studying each day in an Oxford library, you’ll grow intellectually, spiritually, and professionally by interacting with local communities and reflecting both individually and communally on those immersive experiences. You’ll be taking courses relevant to the cultural settings of your programs; imagine learning about an iconic landmark only to visit it the very next day. With CCCU GlobalEd, studying off-campus is about more than just leaving what’s familiar; it’s about finding your place in the world.

Personalized Support

We want to support you every step of the way. Your program advisor will know you by name and be in communication with you throughout the application process. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, our expert team of on-site staff and faculty will help you adjust to the new city and culture, and they’ll be there to guide you throughout the entire term. We know that every student’s off-campus study experience looks different, so we’d like to get to know you.